About Flowscreed

Screeds are applied over the surface of flooring to provide a flat and level surface before carpeting or tiles are laid. Traditional screeds are applied by hand, and levelled with a bar.  Free flow liquid screed is ready mixed and can be pumped directly into a room.  Its liquid consistency provides a flawless finish, perfect under all types of flooring, and provides a strong, smooth surface for your final floor covering.

What is Flowscreed?

Flow screed is a free flow liquid screed flooring which offers a stronger alternative to the traditional cement floor, without the need for reinforcement or manual compaction. Its liquid consistency provides a flawless finish that is perfect under all types of flooring and its strength and self-levelling capability makes it the go-to flooring solution for domestic and commercial properties alike.

Perfect for
underfloor heating

Free flow liquid screed is perfect for underfloor heating systems as the liquid envelops the heating pipes which enhances the heat transfer between pipe and screed. Voids in the screed are eliminated and the shallower depth of screed over the pipes gives a quicker reaction time with better response/controllability. As a result, the underfloor heating is more efficient and cost effective.

Eco friendly option

Free flowing liquid screed represents the next generation in green flooring solutions. The screed is made from a high percentage of recycled materials, helping to reduce its carbon footprint with low embedded CO2.

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Benefits of Flowscreed

Rapid Installation

Flowscreed can be installed at up to 10 times faster than a traditional concrete screed, and can be pumped at up to 250sq metres per hour.

High Resistance

Flowscreed is far less prone to shrinkage and cracking than traditional screed and gives a stronger, scuff resistant floor with reduced risk of cracking.

High Volume Coverage

Liquid screed is denser than traditional screed, making it a good conductor of heat. This helps the transfer of heat around the heating tube, improving efficiency.

Fast Drying & Setting

Flow screed offers drying times approximately one third of traditional screeds. You can walk on the floor within 48 hours and normal site traffic can resume within a week.

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